Text Box: “Generations” is opening eyes for many in Niagara and particularly in St. Catharines. For the first time, this city and its residents were seeing and learning firsthand about intensification impact.  Generations has brought class and style to the city’s downtown fringe with this unique, highly urban townhouse project. A joint venture between Niagara’s prominent and award winning builder, Mountainview Homes, together with Walker Community Development Corporation, a division of land and resources development giant Walker Industries Holdings Limited, this development had boldly demonstrated that intensification, with attention to urban design and architectural detail, can and will continue to complement and enhance the many traditional and historic neighbourhoods of the downtown district. In addition to staking its claim on the city streets, Generations represents a textbook approach to the redevelopment of a brownfield site. Some would say the project was ahead of its for the city and downtown, but over the years, this development has  matured and is now a strong example of urban intensification in the right location and in the right context.


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